We gather together on Sunday evenings at 5.00 pm and enjoy the way God is forming us into a community of all sorts of people who share something real. We want to take Jesus seriously and engage with him and each other in creative, interactive ways.

We value the open heart of our gracious Father, the open arms of Jesus dying for us and his open tomb that brings us hope. We look to the Holy Spirit to open our hearts and wills to God. We sit with hands open in prayer and Bibles open to hear God’s voice. We seek to be open to each other and long to be a church that is open to a world of beauty, fragility and need—in Springwood and beyond. We want to be open to God’s intentions to redeem and renew his world in justice and love.

We are ordinary people who work, worship, laugh and lament. We gather and then scatter, and so we are always churched, interdependent, sharing life, belonging to God and to one another.

Artwork by Toni Jessop

Sundays 5pm

160 Macquarie Rd
Springwood NSW 2777

Springwood Presbyterian Church

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