Community. Creativity. Conversation. Christ.

Alive@9 is a new church that started in 2019. We gather in the Ministry Centre on Macquarie Road, Springwood on Sundays at 9am. We have a commitment to community, creativity, conversation and, above all, Christ. And our hope is that the morning light will remind us that God’s mercies are new yet again.

We’re growing into a community that’s open: aware of the open heart of the Father, the open arms of Jesus, with our hearts open to the work of the Spirit. We particularly want to be open to children, youth and adults living as disciples together and being in genuine relationships. Some weeks our meetings will be a mosaic of short, thoughtful segments with scope to interact and move around. We hope that one-year-olds and eighty-one-year olds will sit side-by-side, sharing life in Christ together. Other weeks, we will provide a place for young ones to play and learn while others engage with a more classic teaching style. With the word open before us, we want to be open to each other and to a world of beauty, fragility and need and look forward to discovering God’s plans for us.

Sundays 9am

160 Macquarie Rd
Springwood NSW 2777

Springwood Presbyterian Church