As we preach through God's written word in Scripture, issues and challenges rise up in individual lives and in the life of our church community. These sermons are our responses to the challenges God has set before us.
  1. John 4:1-42
    12 Mar 17
  2. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Rod Thompson
    This is the first of two presentations on a key issue for the church in our day - evangelism. What do you think about evangelising your neighbours? Family members? Work mates? Do you seek to speak persuasively of Jesus? We turn our attention to the conversation of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4:1-42.
  3. Luke 19: 1-10
    19 Mar 17
  4. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Kirk Patson
    The second sermon in our series on Evangelism explores Jesus' meeting with Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-10. In this event, Luke brings together two of his favourite themes - salvation and hospitality.
  5. 1 Corinthians 14:26-40
    11 Jun 17
  6. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Rod Thompson
    1 Corinthians 14:34-35 is among one of the most controversial passages in all of Paul's writings in Scripture. What does he mean? How should we respond? More broadly, how do we interpret difficult passages of Scripture so that we have the grounds for faithful living in our places and times? These questions are addressed as we explore 1 Corinthians 14:34-35.
  7. 1 Timothy 2
    18 Jun 17
  8. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Kirk Patston
    1 Timothy 2 is one of the most debated portions of New Testament Scripture. What does it mean, particularly with regard to the identity and ministry roles of men and women in the church? How should it shape church life and practice? These and other questions are explored in this sermon.
  9. Acts 20:17-38
    3 Sep 17
  10. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Russell James
    “Special attention should always be paid to how leaders conclude their leadership and the words they use in doing so. It is usually in their last words to their friends and followers that the leader reveals what is weighing most heavily on their mind and heart.” Preston Manning What is on the heart and mind of the Apostle Paul as he says goodbye in Acts 20, …is for you!
  11. Ephesians 5: 22-33
    10 Sep 17
  12. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: John McClean
    In this sermon, John McClean outlines some of the rapidly changing beliefs and practices concerning marriage in our society, and then explores the teachings of Jesus and the apostle Paul in two portions of Scripture.
  13. Living with Loss
    10 Sep 17
  14. Meeting: Alive@5
    Speaker: Kirk Patston
    In this sermon on Living with Loss, Kirk Patston explores the words of Job 14 and other Scriptures, which invite us to grieve with wisdom and hope.
  15. Romans 8:18-30
    22 Oct 17
  16. Meeting: Alive@5
    Speaker: Luke Pereira
    The people of God are to be people of hope. But what does biblical hope look like? Romans 8:18-30 encourages us to understand that hope stems from the deep groaning of the whole creation longing to be made new. Paul explores hope in this passage by addressing the questions of: Why do we hope? What do we hope for? What is the foundation of hope?
  17. Lamentation 3: 1-33
    29 Oct 17
  18. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Cliff Letcher
    Hope is one of the most important characteristics of human life. The resurrection of Jesus is the grounds for that hope.
  19. Matthew 2: 1-12 - Christmas Day
    25 Dec 17
  20. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Rod Thompson
  21. James 4: 13-17
    7 Jan 18
  22. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Kirk Patston
  23. Strength in Weakness
    18 Mar 18
  24. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Rod Thompson
    Paul had a thorn in his flesh which God refused to remove. Why? What do we learn about suffering, grace and discipleship from this important portion of Scripture?
  25. Matthew 27: 45-56
    30 Mar 18
  26. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Rod Thompson
    The only words spoken by Jesus from the cross in Matthew are "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me". In this sermon we focus on the profound authority of Jesus as he shouts these words.
  27. The Outside Outsiders
    17 Jun 18
  28. Meeting: Alive@5
    Speaker: Kirk Patston
  29. Restorative Grace
    23 Sep 18
  30. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Rod Thompson
    What does restorative grace look like? We have a wonderful instance of it at work in John 21 as Jesus restores and recommissions Peter.
  31. Forgiveness
    30 Sep 18
  32. Meeting: Alive@5
    Speaker: Jill McGilvray
  33. Discipling for Digital Discernment
    11 Nov 18
  34. Meeting: Alive@5
    Speaker: Rod Thompson and Lisa Patston
  35. Songs of Revolution
    23 Dec 18
  36. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Luke Pereira
  37. Christmas Eve Message
    24 Dec 18
  38. Meeting: Springwood PM
    Speaker: Rod Thompson
  39. Christmas Message
    25 Dec 18
  40. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Rod Thompson