1. Hosea 1:1-11
    7 May 17
  2. Meeting: Springwood morning
    Speaker: Rod Thompson
    In this sermon, we overview the challenging and hope-filled text of Hosea. What is the calling of this ancient prophet? What time is it as Hosea commences his ministry?
  3. Hosea 1-3
    14 May 17
  4. Meeting: Alive@5
    Speaker: Kirk Patston
    Hosea's strange life would have brought him shame. On a Sunday when we think about mothers and families, this talk raises questions about honour and shame in our families and the way that God is willing to take on shame for us.
  5. Hosea 2: 2-23
    21 May 17
  6. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Rod Thompson
    God's covenant shapes his love for creation, humanity, Israel and the world. Through Jesus the covenant is secured. What does it mean to live in keeping with God's covenant? We explore this question with reference to Hosea 2..
  7. Hosea 4:1-19
    28 May 17
  8. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Rod Thompson
    In Hosea 4 God lists the charges against his people for their sinful ways. However, as is the case throughout the book, judgement is met by mercy and the hope of restoration. Hosea 4 is both challenging and full of hope.
  9. Hosea 11:1-11
    4 Jun 17
  10. Meeting: Springwood AM
    Speaker: Kirk Patston
    For much of the book of Hosea, God seems harsh. But from time to time in the book God lets us into his emotional life in an amazing way and reveals the workings of his love.