There is no us and them– that is, there are not people who are entirely well and other people who are sick or unwell. We are all unwell in some way, troubled, broken, seeking God’s grace, needing to be restored. restore@7is a church gathering and ministry which will commence at 7.00 pm on Wednesday evenings in Springwood during 2019. If you are struggling – with sickness, anger, guilt, shame, loneliness, broken relationships, or whatever it may be – we willask God to help. We believe God loves us and hears our prayers.restore@7is focused on friendship, prayer, and pastoral care, for all who seek God’s mercy and grace in their lives. We trust God to heal and restore us in our brokenness, and then to see people renewed as faithful disciples of Christ. We believe God is willingly gracious and answers prayer. He delights to bless. We also acknowledge that, as we pray, God’s grace may come to us in unexpected ways. Answers to prayer are not always as anticipated. God participates in, hears and answers our prayers. However, he sometimes does so in surprising ways. Having prayed, we wait on the Lord with expectation, patience and thanksgiving. You are very welcome to join us at restore@7 when it commences in Springwood on Wednesday evenings at 7.00 pm. Further details will be available soon.

Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see –
how good GOD is. Blessed are you who run to him.
Psalm 34:8

Wednesday 7PM

481 Hawkesbury Rd
Winmalee NSW 2777

Springwood Winmalee Presbyterian Church

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